Color Palette Illustration

Our imagery showcases our heroes at work with strong character, in dramatic lights, and symmetric perspectives. Additionally, we apply our infinity design theory, stretching our images to show our expanded sphere of activity, representing the ability for our customers to innovate everywhere.

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UPDATED May 15, 2020

Image Types

To always serve the need of our communication touch points, we offer two types of images. Hero Images, which give output like ads a strong impact, and Content Images to tell the stories of our products, solutions and community in a close and authentic way.

Content Images

In our Content Images we show the people that make innovation everywhere possible, representing our power of many. The key protagonists are our employees and customers – creative minds telling stories of their visions coming true and already imagining the next one.

Hero Images

Our Hero Images translate our brand story directly in to photography: motives that transport our innovativeness and the freedom we create for our clients. The stream allows us to stretch them into infinity.


We want to give our protagonists and landscapes a platform that lets them make the best possible impact – while still being unmistakably SUSE. This is why we strive for a consistent style across all images.


Two words: intimate and friendly. In all of our images, the protagonists are well lit, while we find dramatic contrasts between light and shadow in the general setting. Using natural sources of light is the best way to accomplish this. Even if the natural light is intense, it’s still soft and warm because we don’t shoot using direct flash. The direction of light is flexible, but it’s never from behind the subject.


We shoot our images from interesting points of view that brings the silent observer into the scene. We shoot more or less head-on, rather than from any extreme angles, and ensure that the composition’s alignment emphasizes horizontals to refer to our infinity stream. The focus is set onto the message we want to translate and we try to avoid strong blurs.


Our images have intense, earthy, vibrant colors, without appearing too colorful. To achieve this, you can compose the shot with individual elements in our brand colors. Black is always deep black. In general, the images are slightly desaturated, but not so much that the colors appear less vibrant. The overall color impression should stay natural.


We want our photos to offer genuine insights into the world of SUSE. To ensure that they fit our brand identity, we avoid including images that look too posed or are too colorful.

Vertical stretches
Backlit or with lensflares
Images with too much light and lack of shadows
Too intense and ungeometric perspectives, unnecessary and decorative blurs