Technology can often be abstract and difficult to depict with imagery alone. For these instances, we offer illustrations to support our product range, explain features and communicate benefits to our audiences.

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UPDATED May 15, 2020

Principles and colors

Illustrations boldly complement our content for more complex topics where an image can be hard to find. They are based on a structured pixel design system and focused on the idea of expanding into infinity.

general form
The general form language is based on the icons. However, they become stretched and dynamic.
flats and layers
As illustrations tend to be more expressive than icons, you are not limited to only open shapes to enhance visibility and flexibility.
Amplify a sense of joy by using as more of our brand colors, but use at least two for variety’s sake.
strokes and path
You can use the parallel zoom lines to further emphasize core identity principles.
use of color
You can use these principles to make much more complex landscapes and illustrations for a much wider range of uses. 


Our illustrations should be just as unconventional as we are. To be certain that they match our overall appearance, we have a few guidelines to ensure the best result.

chunky strokes
Different line weights with various illustrations in proximity.
Lack of contrast or impact
use of color
A lack of color, especially in landscapes and more complicated illustrations.