Color Palette

Color Palette Illustration

Our new color palette harmoniously integrates the blue tones to vividly represent the Rancher brand and its powerful merger with SUSE.

This palette is the star of our brand. Using our color system, we are able to illustrate the heritage, aspiration and personality of our products.


UPDATED January 13, 2021

Primary Colors

Pine Green

C=65 M=0 Y=35 K=85
R=12 G=50 B=44

We are still a “green brand” and to amplify that we use it as primary dark background tone that is unique to us and gives us a mature and serious touch.

Used in backgrounds, for typography, illustrations, icons, graphics.

Jungle Green

C=70 M=0 Y=65 K=0
R=48 G=186 B=120

We now use this color to strategically highlight important visual elements like our iconic chameleon logo or the Rancher cow.

Used for highlights, secondary CTAs, illustrations, icons, graphics, and most importantly, our chameleon!.

Secondary Colors

Midnight Blue

C=100 M=85 Y=0 K=30
R=25 G=32 B=114

We use this color as a secondary to Pine Green, when needed for product communication. The blue allows for more spillover when used to present the SUSE Rancher, while staying true to the SUSE brand.

Used for backgrounds, typography, illustrations, icons, graphics.

Waterhole Blue

C=90 M=50 Y=0 K=0
R=36 G=83 B=255

This color is used as a secondary color to Jungle Green for putting some visual highlights into the SUSE Rancher communication and it is used for highlights.

Used for highlights, tertiary CTAs, illustrations, icons, graphics.

Tertiary Colors


C=40 M=0 Y=30 K=0
R=144 G=235 B=205

This color is a tertiary color that is used for highlights.

Used for highlights, tertiary CTAs, illustrations, icons and graphics.


C=0 M=60 Y=80 K=0
R=254 G=124 B=63

This color is used as the primary call-to-action color in this palette as well as for illustrations and icons.

Used for activation and on Hero-CTAs, illustrations, icons, graphics and within the playground.


C=0 M=0 Y=0 K=7
R=247 G=247 B=247

As a secondary background color we offer an off-white tone to be more approachable.

Used in backgrounds, for typography, illustrations, icons, graphics.

Contrast & Combinations

Primary   Secondary  
White 13.92:1 Jungle 5.58:1
    Waterhole 6.22:1
    Persimmon 4.92:1
    Mint 9.91:1
Primary   Secondary  
Black 21:1 Jungle 13.92:1
    Waterhole 5.59:1
Black 8.42:1
Black 7.43:1
White 14.08:1
White 5.59:1


The colors help us to stay recognizable while we don't show our logo. This makes them an important brand asset we should keep inviolable.

Using too many colors from different spectrums
Creating unpleasant combinations
Creating unpleasant combinations
Using the Open Source colors  


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