Our iconic chameleon, with its loops and curves, creates a soft, optimistic contrast to the hard edges of the rest of the design system.

Download our corporate logos and review the below guidelines to learn how to effectively implement the SUSE logo into your work.


UPDATED January 19, 2021

In Detail

SUSE Logo Details


For every application we have the right solution. We have three versions of our logo; vertical, horizontal and our chameleon—the picturemark.

SUSE Horizontal Logo

The horizontal logo is our main logo: wide and stable. We use it whenever the format allows it.

SUSE Vertical Logo

The vertical logo offers us an option to still appear confident and consistent in sizing for really narrow formats.

SUSE Logo Chameleon

The chameleon is the essence of our logo. We use it anywhere we want to appear less official and for promotional purposes, like on T-shirts, mugs, or tote bags. We also use it in environments that already visually feature our brand name, like on social media or in apps.


The white space around the logo equals at least the height of the logotype (=x). It is essential that you always observe the white space or expand it, if the layout margin demands it. The logo can be positioned in all four corners of the margin.

SUSE Horizontal Logo Spacing
SUSE Vertical Logo Spacing
SUSE Chameleon Spacing

Colors & Usage

We want to ensure that our logo always gets the stage it deserves. That’s why we use it primarily on our two background colors, fog and pine, where it has enough contrast to shine. For special circumstances, we offer alternative background options. However, these are only used if it is not possible to use the primary background colors.

SUSE Logo White Background
SUSE Logo Dark Background
SUSE Logo Jungle Background
White SUSE logo on black background
White SUSE logo on dark background
SUSE logo on black background

Co-Branded Lockup

Co-branded marketing communications—for products, solutions, events or promotions—require the SUSE logo to appear with other organizations’ logos. The proper use of the SUSE logo is determined by whether the communication is from SUSE and another organization in an equal partnership, or from SUSE with a partner in a supporting role. If SUSE and another organization are in an equal partnership, the SUSE logotype is in its fixed position and the partner logotype or mark is placed to the right of SUSE on the same baseline separated by a vertical rule. If another organization is in a partnership with SUSE in a supporting role, place the partner logotype or mark below the SUSE logo with a horizontal rule between the two logos.

Horizontal Logo | Horizontal Lockup   Horizontal Logo | Vertical Lockup
Vertical Logo | Horizontal Lockup   Vertical Logo | Vertical Lockup


UPDATED May 15, 2020


Do not use the logo in any way that reduces its integrity, such as modifying any aspect of the logo, not using enough contrast or placing it on a distracting background.

Horizontal SUSE Logo Colored logos or labels on secondary or tertiary color
Horizontal SUSE Logo On images where the background is too busy to provide enough clarity and contrast
Creating new lockups of the chameleon with product names
SUSE Logo Cutout Using cutouts of the logo


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