What is Standard Collateral?

You should create all standard literature by working with the MARCOM team. All standard literature should focus on products, solutions, services or partnerships and should have a shelf life of six months or longer.


Types of standard literature:

  • Datasheet
  • Flyer
  • Customer Success Story
  • Case Study
  • FAQ
  • Top Reasons
  • White Paper
  • Guide
  • Brochure
  • Article

Standard Collateral Process

Please follow the MARCOM process. Doing so will simplify the creation process, avoid duplication of work and ensure a consistent look and high-quality localization. As a result, we’ll produce instantly recognizable and compelling literature worldwide.


Plan around crunch times. The weeks surrounding large corporate events are particularly busy. Please make allowances in your content creation schedules.

5 Steps

Sign-off on the objective, target audience, and messaging with your team.
Once received, our team will review and create the content with a maximum of 3 editing rounds.
The MARCOM project manager and other members of the team will participate in content reviews.
Finally, the content will then be localized (translated). Please allow 3 weeks for localization.
Your content will then be uploaded to our document repository and sent to you within 48 hours.

Please allow 4 – 6 weeks for the entire process, depending on level of complexity and the review cycle turnaround times.

Writing Templates

SUSE communications must convey the SUSE story with a single voice and consistent style. We need to use both content and format to accomplish this. Only then will our marketing, promotional and sales programs build the SUSE brand, create confidence and strengthen our current position in the industry.

Business Cards

The following links take you to sites from which you can order (and re-order) business cards. You’ll use a form to specify the information you want your card to present. The order site allows you to view a true proof of your card. Your physical cards will look exactly like the proof, so please don’t skip the proofing step. Use it to make any corrections or changes before printing.

Business Cards




For a polished and consistent look, all SUSE videos should use the standard opening and closing segments. Download these standard SUSE-branded bookend segments here. Use the opening segment at the beginning of your video and the closing segment at the end.



Making-of Video


Launch Video

Box Shots

Product Box Shots