You hear us talking about our clients, partners, employees or community a lot. Our foundation is based on people coming together – to develop, share, or even invent something. Our imagery displays a clear focus, openness and friendliness. It illustrates the human approach we strongly believe in.

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UPDATED May 15, 2020


We are proud to be part of the SUSE community. Our visual style gives the members of the community their own platform. We don’t want anyone to pretend to be someone they’re not. We present our coworkers and partners as they truly are – smart, progressive, and enjoying their work.


The spotlight is on our protagonists—uncontrived, casual portraits depict them in an intimate, authentic way. Our protagonists are always pictured in front of one of our brand colors.


Where the action happens; we put the spotlight on our protagonists in their regular work environment. We shoot them in confident, authentic poses without coming across as heavy-handed, promotional, or stereotypical.


We also showcase working environments in a way that gives viewers interesting insights. Taking a step back lets the images have more space to make an impact on their own. It also offers additional context that can surprise viewers.


We want to give our protagonists a platform that lets them make the best possible impact—while being unmistakably SUSE at the same time. That is why we strive for a consistent style across all images.

Lighting and Contrast

Two words: bright and friendly. In all of our images, the setting and the protagonists are well lit. Using natural sources of light is the best way to accomplish this. Even if the light is cooler rather than warm, we don’t shoot using direct flash. Similarly, we avoid backlighting or a visible light source.

Point of view and focus

We shoot our images from interesting, natural points of view that takes the silent observer into the scene. We shoot more or less head-on, rather than from any extreme angles, and ensure that the composition’s alignment follows a geometric approach overall. The focus is set onto the message we want to translate: for environments, it is uniform across the entire composition; for work situations we create interesting blurs to set the attention on the focal point.

Point of view and focus

Our images feature a lot of white so that focal points in the image really stand out. To achieve this, you can compose the shot with individual elements in our brand colors. Black is always deep black. In general, the images are slightly saturated, but not so much that the colors appear less vibrant.


We want our photos to offer genuine insights into the world of SUSE. To ensure that they fit our brand identity, we avoid including images that look too posed or are too colorful.

Overly staged situations
Backlit or with lensflares
Too dark/not enough white
Too many colors/no brand color code