Technology can often be abstract and difficult to depict with imagery alone. For these instances, we offer illustrations to support our product range, explain features and communicate benefits to our audiences.

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UPDATED May 15, 2020

Principles and colors

Illustrations complement our content and act as eye-catchers in our communication. They are based on our network design system and focus on the idea of building a bigger picture or solution.

The general form language is combining flat and linear shapes. Multiple layers tell smart stories.
You can add flats to add another layer of information or depth.
You can always find a dot as reference to our anchor point within our illustrations.
The strokes move similar to our path. However, to show information the best way possible, they don’t have to move strictly on the grid.
Amplify a sense of joy by using as many of our brand colors as you like, but at least two for variety’s sake.
You can incorporate the network into the illustration to contribute to the message or add depth if used as a shadow of the object.


Our illustrations should be just as unconventional as we are. To be certain that they match our overall appearance, one thing we make sure of is that they aren’t too interchangeable.

Chunky strokes (icons are not illustrations!)
Lack of contrast or impact
Lack of color