Animations bring our brand to life. Our motion strategy is always moving forward, pushing boundaries, connecting the dots, and harnessing the power of many great minds to solve the world’s most difficult challenges.

Micro-animations and smart, colorful, moving illustrations reflect our joy in solving these problems.


Through animation the meaning of the design system is visualized. All movements are smooth, starting slow, picking up in the middle and ending slow again.

Network: the grid can be animated and serve as the basis for the shared path to form. As a supportive shadow of the illustrations it appears through opacity; as a singular element it appears as waves.
path: it moves as dotted line through the network and gets transformed into a solid line by the anchor point. 
Illustrations: they combine how the stroke behaves behind the anchor point and the appearing shadow grid. 
general movement: elements appear and move into a singular direction, following the anchor point.  
Anchor point: it appears by scaling up and follows the path.