Our System


With the evolution of our iconic chameleon, we keep the heritage of the current picture mark, while optimizing the details for a clearer formal language. The optimistic appearance of our logo, Geeko, adds an optimistic, joyful compliment to the mature and professional visual identity.


Open source is at our core. With our open source typeface Work Sans, every word that SUSE writes, stays true to that community. Work Sans combines a geometric approach with an elegant human touch to contribute to a modern and optimistic visual language.

Color Palette

We believe in the power of many, merging together to create something unique at SUSE. So is our color system – instead of an expected technical palette, we created a color system inspired by natural elements that is welcoming, yet vivid and powerful.


You hear us talking about our clients, partners, employees or community a lot. This is always about humans coming together—to develop something, share something, even invent something. Our imagery displays a clear focus, openness and friendliness. It displays the human approach we strongly believe in.


We studied our wins, challenges and superpowers. This is how we singled out the most important needs for our customers, partners and communities: Performance. Security. Optimism. Independence. Predictability. Care. They come together to shape one archetype combination that perfectly represents our spirit: the Hero-Optimist.


The line is a pervasive design element extending all the way down to our icons. To connect with our shared path concept, we always offer a line break, rarely closing the loop. Due to the sizing limitations of icons, we always use a solid line, keep design simple, and use color to strategically draw attention.


Technology can often be abstract and difficult to depict with imagery alone. For these cases, we offer illustrations to support our product range, explain features, and communicate benefits to our audiences.


Animations bring a brand to life. Our motion strategy is always moving forward, pushing boundaries, connecting the dots, and harnessing the power of many great minds to solve the world’s most difficult challenges. Micro-animations and smart, colorful, moving illustrations reflecting our joy in solving these problems.